About CRA Ontario

The Canadian Rental Association – Ontario is the provincial chapter of the the Canadian Rental Association which is a not-for-profit, industry trade association operating nation wide that was established in 1965 and is committed to promoting the success of our members and to advance the growth of the rental industry. The Canadian Rental Association is also considered Region 10 of the American Rental Association. (ARA) Together, the CRA is part of a network of 7500 rental businesses operating in 40 countries worldwide.  Click here to find out more about how CRA Ontario is at work for YOU!

Our Core Values Are:
* To support Community and networking among all members;
* To respect the diversity of member views and opinions in determining policy direction;
* To develop leadership through volunteerism and self-initiative;
* To represent professionalism and integrity in the rental industry;
* To embrace change and continuous improvement.

Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Association is to promote in a lawful manner the development, preservation, operation maintenance and general welfare of the Association throughout Ontario, and Canada without pecuniary gain to its members; to foster a spirit of good will among those persons engaged in the said rental industry; to promote ethical practices in their relationship with each other and a uniform high standard of conduct to the public; to disseminate useful information among its members regarding phases of the industry to assist them in building business; procedures and professional matters involving the rental industry; to study, investigate and exchange ideas and knowledge with its members; to keep its members informed about all rental matters at local, national and international levels; to establish and conduct seminars, exhibitions, training schemes for use by association members and their employees; to design and develop new systems and methods of procedure for the benefit of the members