Hosting A Member Event

Hosting a CRA Ontario Member Event


Our Association is successful because of our Members; without you and your involvement, there would be no association! The effort and dedication you put into your membership directly affects what you get out of it.

A great way to become more involved in the association is to host a monthly Member Event! Please see below list of common questions and let us know if you have any questions.


Q: How much space is needed in order to successfully host a CRA Ontario Member Meeting?

A: In order to host a meeting it is essential that you have enough space to accommodate banquet seating for 40 – 50 members (approximately 1500 square feet). The CRA Ontario Board typically meets in the afternoon prior to the general meeting; if this can be accommodated this would be appreciated.

Q: Who pays for what?

A: Our meetings are held in combination with dinner service so catering will need to be arranged. Since our meetings move around the province we ask that you arrange a local catering company to service the event. You will also generally try to arrange tables, chairs, flatware, stemware, etc from a local CRA Ontario member, who will usually provide discounted or no cost rentals to our events. CRA Ontario charges members a fee in order to attend our meetings and a portion of this fee will be used to pay for the catering. We do not charge our hosts for attendance however we do ask that they pay the actual catering costs for each of their representatives and guests who attend.

Q: What about the bar?

A: When bar service is offered it is usually set up as a Cash Bar. Typically the caterer provides this service as well, and will be covered for alcohol liability and will be Liquor Licensed. In the past some hosts have offered to sponsor this expense and offer an Open Bar. While this is appreciated, it is by no means a requirement. Hosts wishing to go this route will need to obtain a Special Events Permit from the LCBO.

Q: What about hotels/lodging?

A: A hotel should be made available to attendees. A block of approximately 20 room is usually sufficient. The block should be set aside in the name “CRA Ontario” to avoid confusion at the time of booking. Each guest is responsible for payment for their room(s).

Q: What is the format?

A: Typically our member meetings are set up like this:
2:00 – 6:00pm CRA Ontario Board of Directors meets in a boardroom style environment
6:00 – 7:00pm Tour and Social Hour
7:00 – 8:00pm Dinner and Dessert
8:00 – 8:10pm Host presentation
8:10 – 9:00pm Feature speake

Q:What is the host presentation?

A: This is a good opportunity for some shameless self promotion. You are encouraged to welcome attendees to your facility, give some company information, and let attendees know about new products, or interesting facts or information.

Q: What about the feature speaker?

A: If you have a topic that might be of interest to our membership than this can be another good promotional opportunity for the host. While we encourage your efforts to promote your own products, after all hosting a meeting is a significant undertaking, the feature speaker is primarily there to provide entertainment or educate the attendees. Therefore, this should not be a prolonged sales pitch. If you feel you are unable to provide this component CRA Ontario can make arrangements for the feature speaker.


These events are known for an amazing atmosphere, networking opportunities and the chance to see some of the top rental companies behind the scenes of our industry.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show your peers what you’re made of!