CPM Employee Policy Manual 2013 Update

CRA_Ontario_LogoIt’s a new year and we are pleased to report that 2013 has brought the Canadian Rental Association an exciting gift!

You will recall that last year, working with CPM Manuals, we developed a unique and very important new member benefit. This is a professional, customized Employee Policy Manual available exclusively to our members for only $599.00 which is an 80% saving on the standard commercial price of $2,995.00.

What was an excellent value in 2012 has been improved through the efforts of CPM Manuals last fall. This month they have introduced a new updated version of the manual which now features 157 topic selection (up from 134). As well, many of the existing sections have been added to and enhanced.

For those members who subscribed to the manual last year, a revision kit has been emailed to you. For those who haven’t yet taken advantage of this program, now is the time to do so.

For details, call the Association office or CPM Manuals directly at (604) 294-9789 or (866) 925-9789.

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