March 2018 Newsletter

 – March 2018 CRA Ontario Newsletter –


Presidents Message

The Rental Show and the Rental Mart have come and gone again for another year. This usually means the time has come to refocus on our coming year and the anticipated spring season… Most of us have bought some new equipment which is starting to arrive. What are we going to price it at, who is our target market, or how are we going to market it, all come into our thought process. This is why we are involved in business. The trade show floors have been nothing short of first class this year. Although there are fewer independent operators, the ones that were present were well received.

Those who attended the Ontario Region Awards Banquet were treated to a top notch event. From the tabletop competition , excellent meal and presenting of awards to deserving winners, the night was a huge success. Most people in attendance were reminded of the efforts of the board to provide a strong forum for our region. We are envied for what services we provide to our members and supported by our associates.

We hope to see you all at Crown Verity in Brantford!


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Do you have a passion for the rental industry? Are you looking to make a difference?  Do you know someone that does?  The CRA Ontario Board of Directors will have three openings this coming spring.  Elections will be held during our April members meeting being held at Crown Verity.  2nd Vice President and two Directors at Large positions will be available. Please see below for the nomination form!



 Things you should have in place, and need to do if you haven’t already!

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As a small business in Ontario it can be difficult to keep track of all the changes that have recently occurred in employment laws.  The most recent change, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act (bill 148 see link for more information ), was discussed in the January newsletter so other than the above link, it won’t be part of this article.

For this edition of the newsletter I’ve put together a list of four changes to policies and/or procedures you should have already have in place, and the links to the free resources that will help you catch up if you don’t.

  1. Posters: In Ontario there are several posters that need to be up on your workplace safety board or in a prominent place easily accessible to all your staff. The ministry of labour maintains an online list with links to printable posters that meet the requirements for posting, you can find the list at:
  2. Safety Awareness Training; became mandatory in 2014 under Ontario regulation 297/13 (that’s your green book). The Ministry of labour has a free online training course for workers and supervisors, it can be found at:
  3. Workplace Violence & Harassment Prevention; under the amendment of the occupational health and safety act (bill 168) employers need to have policies and procedures in place specific to workplace violence and harassment. The following link is to a guide maintained by the government of Ontario that has a sample policy and procedure that you can use to build your own program:  At the very end of the guide is two links that will take you to a sample policy and procedure specific to harassment.  This has been a requirement since 2010.
  4. Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005; referred to by many as AODA it has a series of requirements that employers must meet as of 2010. The first link is the implementation time table found at: . The second link is to free training modules found at: .

There are other changes that have occurred during the last eighteen years that are not listed above such as the new working at heights legislation, the requirements to submit a request to the ministry to offer hours of work in excess of 48 but not in excess of 60 (service industry) and new changes such as the cannabis legislation that is coming soon to a workplace near you (currently expected for the 1st of July 2018) to name but a few.

For some the above list is nothing new, for others it may be an eye opening experience, either way, I hope that it can be informative and helpful.

Image result for peter bonish petes rentallHave a great month,

Peter Bonish, CERP, CHRL



Interested in hosting a CRA event?

Do you want to host an upcoming CRA event?  It is a great way to promote your business and products as well as support your local CRA division.  For more information please contact Kim Rixon – 705-641-8732  or

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– April 2018 Members’ Meeting – 

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CRA Ontario Members Meeting will be hosted at Crown Verity in Brantford on Wdnesday April 18, 2018. Take this opportunity to see this industry leader behind the scenes and mingle with your fellow association members!

Registration form can be found here. Register early and don’t miss out!

For Anyone Who Doesn’t Know… Who is Crown Verity?

The rental industry is a rapidly expanding market.  Now more than ever, people are elevating the dining experience at their home and business events and you need the tools to meet the new demand.  Crown Verity has been doing this since 1991.  A family built company, we have focused on quality grills, fryers, sinks and patio heaters that are brilliant anywhere.

Our products are designed for high performance in any environment.  Hot or cold, inland or shore side our grills are made completely of 304 stainless steel we know our lineup will outperform and last a lifetime. Crown Verity is meant to stand up to high volumes, long cooking times and is an elegant addition to your line up. Our grills give you commercial kitchen performance outdoors.


Our RCB model line of gas grills are made specifically for the rental market and come standard with large wheels for ease of transportation, a lower shelf for storage, extra crash bars to protect the controls and tank brackets that allow two 20lb. tanks to be attached to the unit. If you would prefer larger tanks we offer our CCB model that comes with two horizontal 30 lb. propane tanks. We also have a model that has a single gas connection to accommodate a quick disconnect gas hose to connect to any size propane tank.

Over the past 26 years, chefs and chefs at home have attested to the quality and workmanship of our products.  We can attest to being a Canadian company as our products are proudly built here in Brantford, Ontario.  In the rental industry, you want to know that what you are sending out will exceed expectations ensuring your customers return business in the future.  Return on investment is important, a dedicated customer base will help you achieve that we know our pricing aligns with like models in the industry and will help you to be profitable.

Our service exceeds many of our competitors.  When you call we will answer.  We pride ourselves on providing quick and courteous answers to all inquiries.  We are here to help you be successful. From parts to accessories, we have what you need to keep you and your Crown Verity’s brilliant for life.

Our products are proudly built here in Brantford, Ontario.”


How do I manage blue-collar Millennials?

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This is a question I get often when I am speaking and consulting with organizations in industries where they are struggling to fill industrial or skilled trade jobs with Millennials. Once they finally acquire Millennial talent, they are very interested in learning how to retain them.

In preparation for a recent keynote speech, I met with Rick (not his real name) who manages a team of Millennials who are technicians at a large construction and agricultural equipment dealership. Rick openly shared how he has successfully managed blue-collar Millennials and was able to improve Millennial turnover by 50 percent in six months.

4 Shifts to Better Manage Millennials

1. Replace managing with coaching

Rick found that the “my way or the highway” type of management that he relied on for years was not working with Millennials. Instead, Rick began favoring a leadership style of coaching. The most effective coaching happens when leaders prioritize curiosity over instruction. Resist the urge to give advice and instead give in to asking more questions.

Rick also abandoned micro-managing. Instead, Rick allows more margin for his Millennial workers to fail. More failures equate to more opportunities for coaching.

2. Anticipate the boomerang

Rick realized his perspective on exiting and returning Millennial employees needed to shift. Instead of holding a grudge and viewing former employees as damaged goods, Rick realized the opportunity for turn boomeranging Millennials into the company’s strongest ambassador. Because Millennials are young in their careers and might have limited experience, they may be unaware of how green the grass is currently under their feet.

Rick is now committed to executing exit interviews and leaving the door wide open for Millennials to boomerang back.

3. Adjust feedback frequency 

Like so many other leaders, Rick was faced with the reality of Millennials desiring more feedback at work. In fact, Millennials want 50 percent more feedback than other employees. Rick made tweaks to his schedule and communications to ensure he interacts daily via face-to-face, call/text, and/or email to provide the necessary correction or direction his Millennial employees need to perform.

Rick also participates himself in the increased feedback by soliciting routine anonymous feedback from his team.

4. Rethink quality candidates

Rick decided to stop discarding the resumes where Millennial candidates had multiple jobs over just a few years. As work cycles continue to spin faster in today’s fast times, job hopping is no longer the red flag it once was. Hopping into the same job over and over is the new red flag.

Rethinking the qualities of an ideal candidate and looking at resumes with a fresh perspective, has enabled Rick’s pool of qualified candidates to expand. Rick narrows the talent pool by having candid conversations with candidates via phone or Skype early in the recruiting process.

By Ryan Jenkins, Millennial speaker, Generations Expert.

What is CERP?Image result for cerp ara

The Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP) program, offered exclusively by ARA, is the only rental-specific certification program for those in the party and event rental industry.

This in-depth, self-study program is for individuals who seek a competitive edge and professional credentials. Graduates deliver remarkable results that benefit both their clients and their rental company.

Why do I need it? The CERP program strengthens employee loyalty, creates a safer work environment and delivers:

  • A competitive edge by teaching industry best practices for increasing productivity and profitability.
  • Professional credentials that demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and commitment to the industry.
  • Remarkable results that exceed your clients’ expectations and increase referrals by building essential word-of-mouth.

Did you know that you can write your tents right here in Southern Ontario and you do not have to wait for the Rental Show? Contact a local Proctor today with any questions you may have. Michelle Nicol, CERP (

Click HERE for more information on becoming CERP certified today!


Why Go Green?

The Benefits:

Improve Your Reputation!

By working to be more sustainable you will be supported by companies and individuals Image result for going greenwho are also working towards being green. You will be able to report to sponsors and to the media that your festival is working to have only a positive impact on the community and environment. Your festival can even receive recognition in the form of an award for your efforts. Use your sustainable event to your advantage and have a positive impact while doing it!

Image result for going green save moneyGreen Events Can Save Money!

When planning a green festival it may surprise you that there can actually be financial benefits involved. Remember that you will be focusing on reusing and buying less which saves money, you

will be generating less waste which reduces disposal costs, and you will be reducing your energy bill by being energy conscience! One specific example is that something as simple as collecting name badge holders for reuse at an event of 1300 attendees can save approximately $975 for the event organizer (Source:

Music Fans Actually Want Green Events!

According to research by a green festival will appeal more to the attendees:

  • Over 80% think noise, waste and traffic have a negative impact
  • There is a big rise in CO2 awareness at festivals
  • 48% would pay more for greener events
  • 36% say green is important when buying a ticket

Green Events Can Save Resources!

Using recycled materials, recycling materials used, reusing items and reducing materials used can significantly lessen the environmental impact of Image result for green save energyan event. For example a five day event serves 2200 people breaks, breakfasts, lunches and receptions using china instead of plastic disposables, it prevents 1,890 lbs. of plastic from going into a landfill. That’s nearly one tonne! Another example is by not pre-filling water glasses at banquet tables during three days of served lunches for 2200 attendees; 520 gallons of water can be saved


Article from

Young Professionals Network

Young professionals are the future of the equipment rental industry. That’s why we’re excited to invest in our future leaders through the ARA Young Professionals Network (YPN). This free membership benefit is administered by the ARA Foundation.

Why join? Our mission is to help you learn about the industry, advance your career and establish relationships that will not only help you grow personally and professionally but also ensure a vibrant industry for future generations. Benefits include:

  • Invitations to exclusive YPN events — including the annual YPN networking reception at The Rental Show and “40 Under 40” networking conferences.
  • Access to the online directory, listing all YPN members and their contact information.
  • Details on The Rental Show seminars that are geared toward young professionals.
  • A free subscription to Rental Management, the award-winning monthly magazine dedicated to the success of your equipment rental business.

US$100,000 in scholarships available – Apply now!Image result for ARA scholarship

Diane Van Staveren with Stayner Rental in Stayner, Ontario, benefited from the scholarships offered by the ARA Foundation and its affiliate programs that include the Region 10 Dorothy Wellnitz and Doug Mitchell scholarships.  She is not alone. For the 2017-2018 school year alone, students from Toronto, Calgary and Grand Pointe received a total of US$9,000 in scholarship funding.  Just think how much funding Canadian students can receive for the 2018-2019 school year now that a record $100,0000 in scholarships is available. The only way to find out is to make sure the employees at your rental business or manufacturer/supplier operation know that:

  • 54 scholarships are available, ranging from US$750 to US$5,000 each.
  • Trade, undergraduate and graduate students can apply.Image result for scholarship

To help spread the word, display the scholarship poster that accompanies the November issue of Rental Management in your business for all to see.  “These scholarships can play a vital role in helping our employees gain the education they need and help our businesses and the entire industry become stronger,” says ARA Foundation Chair Rhonda Pedersen, vice president of Pedersen’s Rentals in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  “Assisting students with these scholarships is a main priority of the ARA Foundation’s mission. Thanks to the generous support of those in the industry, the ARA Foundation — the philanthropic arm of the industry — can offer this significant amount of monetary assistance that can go a long way in defraying the high cost of education,” she adds.

Make sure those in your rental operation know about these scholarships and then have them apply at

The March 5 scholarship deadline is almost here, so have your employees apply now

The time to act is now. Employees in your operation who are going to school or plan to go to school in the fall need to apply now for the 54 scholarships, worth a total of US$100,000, that are available from the ARA Foundation and its affiliate programs. The deadline for all applications to be submitted is Monday, March 5.

There are scholarships available for your employees — whether they are going to school to build their technical skills or working toward an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree. These scholarships are for those individuals who want to build their careers in the rental industry.

The scholarships, which range from US$750 to $5,000 each, are a great benefit. Many employees receive more than one scholarship, making the reward even more.

Don’t let this benefit to your employees and your business be missed.

Act now. Learn more and register now at

The Professional Driver Education Program

Image result for ARA The Professional Driver Education Program
The ARA Professional Driver Education Program is a rental-specific online certificate program for construction and general tool employees.
Designed with all aspects of the driving and delivery process in mind, this nine-course program features nearly seven hours of instruction on topics from loading and unloading to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and customer service.

  • Improves safety, reduces risk and enhances customer service.
  • Establishes consistent work practices.
  • Identifies safe, operational best practices.
  • Includes checklists and links to pertinent websites.
  • Students who complete the program receive a certificate, uniform patch, hard-hat decal and wallet card.
  • Students complete the nine courses, quizzes, and a final comprehensive exam.

Event Rental Training Courses

The Event Rental Training Courses (ERTC) are in-depth, self-study programs that focus on job-specific training. The courses offer content similar to the Certified Event Image result for ARA Event Rental Training CoursesRental Professional (CERP) program but are designed for members who seek training in just one specific area.

Students who complete ERTC courses and later decide to enroll in the CERP program are eligible to receive credit for up to two ERTC purchases


The Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP) program, offered exclusively by ARA, is the only rental-specific certification program for those in the party and event rental industry.

This in-depth, self-study program is for individuals who seek a competitive edge and professional credentials. Graduates deliver remarkable results that benefit both their clients and their rental company.

The CERP program strengthens employee loyalty, creates a safer work environment and delivers:

  • A competitive edge by teaching industry best practices for increasing productivity and profitability.
  • Professional credentials that demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and commitment to the industry.
  • Remarkable results that exceed your clients’ expectations and increase referrals by building essential word-of-mouth.

Young Professionals (18-40)Image result for ARA Young professionals
Young professionalsare the future of the equipment rental industry. That’s why ARA invests in our future leaders through the Young Professionals Network (YPN). This free membership benefit is administered by the ARA Foundation.
If you’re between the ages of 18-40 and affiliated with an ARA/CRA-member rental operation but have NOT joined YPN, right now is the time.Why? Sign up to be a YPN member between November 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018 to be automatically entered into a drawing for a free trip to ARA’s 2018 Young Professionals Conference, Nov. 14-16 in Santa Fe, NM. (Free trip includes coach class airfare, hotel accommodations at the conference hotel and event registration.)

Image result for ARA Young professionals






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